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Mission - To become South Africa`s first Choice Service Provider.

Through our comprehensive multi-services , we offer a balance of highly qualified professionals.Representing a wealth of expertise.Part of a quality conscious organization,every team member is challenged with achieving continual improvement on our client"s behalf.We work hand in hand with clients to attain long term mutual benefit and growth in a motivated environment,trust and integrity. RSEC “Harnessing diversity to add value to the project process”
RSEC PROTECTION SERVICES is a proudly registered South African company,We are willing to work and serve our clients assisting Government and the communities,citizens to the highest standard of healthy life style.We are willing to work with all the stakeholders to eradicate poverty,and make South Africa an economic power house of Africa and the world.We strive to build the strong economy from the historically disadvantaged individuals by empowering them The company's consistent strategies towards initiatives within the service Industry,coupled with a driving force and commitment to satisfy our clients,will undoubtedly allow us to remain price competitive and our position as market leader. Our Personnel are well trained and have many years of experience.Due to our commitment towards the country`s economic welfare,we believe the high level of unemployment in the country can be reduce drastically.more especially within the areas of our operation,to employ and empower them,both male and female. Our company is dedicated in working together with all relevant stakeholders,being Government and private sector,towards reducing a high level of crime within the society.


* To maintain a high degree of honesty . integrity .efficiency and professionalism. * To show sincere interest in empowering the community in both short, medium and long term. * To encourage highly motivated personnel. * We will endeavour to seek emancipation of women empowerment by identifying individual skill capabilities for suitable position in our organization.